trials and triumphs

Despite everything, Machu Picchu was a success. More or less. Leaving Lima on the 5th, we flew into Cuzco for a night before continuing on the two-day excursion culminating in a tour or the renowned MP. Not before South America gave us a piece of its mind though.

Our last day in Lima, night rather, I woke up with a fever and, well, discomfort. Still nauseous the next morning, my local family doc and traveling companion was able to numb my digestive tract into compliance, and we landed safely.

Five minutes on the ground in Cuzco and my bank card is nowhere to be found. At this point everything in my world was just a compilation of traveling tribulations. Carrie was great though, and after some relaxation and meditation the stress was quelled and we enjoyed a huge feast of Peruvian deliciousness that evening.

And onward. By noon the next day we were bussed and trained into a town called Aguas Calientes, a cute, touristy stopping point between Cuzco and MP. Of course it is not just a name; the town has hot water springs that were surprisingly refershing. All in time for Carries immune response to test our faith and luck.

Within hours she went from bad to worse, I found a great English-speaking doctor who pumped her full of some basic drugs, and probably rolled her eyes at the all to regular tourists hoping they are an exception. After an agonizing evening on Carries end, and a brief relapse in the morning, the two of us still managed to get it together for the unforgettable and incredible construction that is Machu Picchu.

So now, mostly healthy, we are back in Cuzco for a few days, giving South America the finger while still savoring all of its beauty. We have a bit of down time, but no wifi so my iphone pictures are stuck on the device, while I managed to spare some words on a borrowed computer. The MP classic shots will follow, along with some of the hot springs, and our day today walking around Cuzco. Still having fun, but nonetheless we continue to be tested by the travel gods. Then again, sometimes the bad parts have a way of leaving our memories in retrospect. making memories. learning lots. and LOVING PERÚ.





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