cuzco, and all of its craziness

Cuzco is an incredible city. One of those towns that has more to offer than most people have time for. Our last day was spent doing some gymnastics/ yoga on ruins, trekking miles through the mountains in a hail storm, and meeting some new friends.

After MP, we took it easy. Little things were still testing our patience with Perú, so we took some time to scope out the city. We went to a museum that did not actually exist, a fun creative-veggie type restaurant called Sara (too those who are already mocking, I didn´t find out the name until after we ordered. so there), and visited some really incredible ruins.

And the next day was long awaited. We finally had everything going smoothly, we were both mostly healthy, and had a whole day to go see more ruins. The first ruin site, Tambomachay, is a natural spring-fed site that the Incans created as a spa. That. The next site was Pukapakara, where we decided to appreciate the ruins by performing yogic and gymnastic acts all over. Best tourists ever. Pictures to come. From there, it was about a 7k hike to get to the famous Sacsayhuaman (yeah, you have to say that one out loud). As if on cue, it started raining. Then hailing (in Spanish, ¨rain of bullets¨). As we took shelter, we met some friends headed in the same direction and decided to brave the now thunderstorm and search for the Sexy Woman.

A few hours later and covered in mud, we arrived. Parting with our pals, we venture through the most incredible construction of the day. (Again, pictures to come). This time, we met some Canadians and explored the rest of the site with them. Of a very similar saracastic and easy going manner, it was fun to finally hang out with some fellow English speakers.

As we left the ruins seperately, we began the 5k trek home. Again, as if on its second cue, the rain began. This time it poured. Completely drenched, we made it back and then headed out for an early dinner, finally caving on some pizza (pizza is everywhere here. likely catering to tourists, but in odd excess nonetheless). We walked around the town a bit more, met three other Americans and dragged the fun out for the rest of the night. Cuzco was awesome.

Yesterday we took a very scenic bus ride all the way down to Lake Titicaca and are spending our last few days here. Pictures from Cuzco to come when I can connect my ipod, and floating islands in our future!









One thought on “cuzco, and all of its craziness

  1. Love, love the travel reports. So sorry you both were a bit ill but you didn’t let it stop you!! Peru sounds fabulous and I’m enjoying seeing it through your eyes. I had lunch with a man who has been to the same places as you and really liked it too! I love you dearly and I’m so happy you are having fun!!


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