24hr of transit? Make that 48 please.

So we woke up early and headed to the airport. This is the flight that we had no choice but to catch on time, in order to make the following flight. Naturally that was a problem scenario to begin with. But what can I say, we live on the edge.
Two and a half hours after our intended departure time, the first flight finally took off. As we landed, our only hope for leaving the country the same day was to have the next flight miraculously delayed. Which it was! Perfectly! Yet our airline friend, Rolph, did not want us stranded in Costa Rica overnight if the connection was missed again. Something about carrying diseases. Whatever. Instead, he kindly offered us a hotel, three meals, transportation, and a rescheduled flight the next day. And what kind of customers would we be to refuse that??

End result: fanciest hotel ever on the airlines dime :)
Most expensive meals we’ve seen yet, likewise (although dessert was questionable). Free shampoo, hot water, private room with three pillows each? Perhaps.
Conclusion: missing flights should be done way more often. We are living Peruvian luxury for the night, and should hopefully be home Sunday instead of Saturday. See you all soon!

Ps. I am actually a mature adult if that was not gathered from the above.





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