home, if only for a moment

Peru was beyond a success. It was so interesting, and convenient, to be able to share stories over the blog while I was away.  Technology. Although I hear blogs were the thing to do ages ago. Oh well.  So I’m just going to attach some of the final pictures now that I’ve had the time to look through them all on a computer and actually attach the quality ones from my camera. Thanks again for reading these posts! For the few who may not know, I’m headed of to the Domincan Republic to study abroad in a few days and believe me, I know how blessed I am! I am still in a bit of shock that I have the opportunities to do all of this but I think I’m adequately excited and grateful. I plan on keeping posts through that, so feel free to check in on the caribbean lifestyle I’ll be adapting :] and Carrie also gets to join me there for a month as she completes the international rotation for her fourth year of med school! So here is the Peru finale, one that I hope to recreate in the future.



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