pictures here!

Once again, safely landed and settled in a beachfront town. And once again, in complete awe.  We left Blacksburg at 6am Saturday, and arrived in Punta Cana pretty much as we expected. Eighty degrees, spotty white clouds, and barely a mile from the beaches.  We got a brief orientation and some dinner, and then I managed to sleep like a baby for the next nine hours.  Today was mostly orientation day.  A tour of the grounds, a scuba diving lecture, and some lagoon discoveries. We met our Spanish teacher for dinner, and finished the night learning some dances in a strobe-lighted lounge sector of the hotel.  “Picturesque” does not even describe Punta Cana adequately. That so, I feel that googling some images of the PC resort will give near perfect depictions of our scenery. Palm trees, transparent aqua- blue waters, thatched roofing, the whole deal.  Those sites don’t have any need for photoshop.  Anyways, I’ll add some pictures shortly. Having plenty of fun as well.








our “dorm” room,

the dorms from the outside; Fundacion Ecologica

oh nothing, just the view outside my window :)


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