The Ultimate Loophole

We did it. The nine of us worked the system in our own chosen manner, and managed to find the best kept secret of college life at Virginia Tech- and it’s Punta Cana.

I’ve been running/walking/exercising/sitting by the beach every morning thus far, and I cannot imagine a better way to start my mornings. A Caribbean sun says hi to me every morning around 7:30, and then I meet up with my new best friends for a quick breakfast before heading downstairs for Spanish class at 9:30.  We spend the morning in the classroom for Spanish 101, which I have had the luxury of relaxing through.  I can’t imagine how stressful so much information must be for some of the students that are just beginning the language, but I’ve been glad that it’s mostly just review and I can begin my classes with ease.  It has also been great to solidify some  rudimentary concepts that, ordinarily, I’d never have the opportunity to refresh.

So we have some classroom Spanish time and this week we’ve been able to follow it with scuba lessons. Needless to say; Awesome.  Learning to dive is kind of a strange, new thing that you may just have to experience to understand.  Depending on machines and instructors to breathe, in addition to being in entirely new environment are just factors that are not frequently compounded. It’s really not comparable to anything I’ve done before.  Either way, I’m very glad that I have this opportunity as well.

There’s the bulk. Mornings we spend with our personable, wise, and compassionate professor, chased by pool and beach time in the sunshine.  If we didn’t have such a quality group of people (no jinxing..) it might be more challenging, but we all really like each other.  We all click in unique but similar styles, and there’s just a lot of faith in friendship bouncing around.  Which leaves our nights, which have always been some form of bonding time. From learning how to both drink and dance with smarts, to watching and discussing a Dominican movie, to going out to the village to just hang out and talk, we still have time to just be ourselves with ourselves.  Granted “relaxation time” is not anything we are short of, it’s still a good time.

All in all, we’re all still amazed that we’ve manipulated our semester as such, and we’re all still enjoying and embracing everything coming our way.  I’ve got plenty of computer access so I can skype and email frequently, and I hope winter is going as best as it can on your end.

my roomie and our new favorite colors

my new home. no big deal.

as if the photos aren’t too palm tree congested already… here’s the dive center where

we’re getting certified through. and there’s our blue pool in the back.

really not trying to turn on the envy switch,

but this is our scuba playground, and luxury lifestyle I’m oh so new to.

Believe me, taking none of this for granted. Wish you all beyond the best, love,



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