Woah Buddy!

Two back to back posts?! Get out of town.

This is kind of just a sporadic burst of words, in response to my pleasant good mood and confusing free time. Day one of tropical birds is almost complete, and it is going to be fun.  It started a little uneasy, with class commencing at 7am.  While I have no problem waking up at 7, I do like to have some me time before I actually have to do anything, so there will be some creative rearranging of a morning routine and some interjected naps throughout the day.   But thus far, it looks like I’ll be able to make it work, and if we’re being real, I’m happy to wake up early to watch birds.  In fact, if everybody got up early to birdwatch everyday, I think a positive change would come about in the world.   We were supposed to return for class before and after lunch, but thus far the professors have been MIA for about two hours so we’ve all accumulated time where we’re a little hesitant to start new activities.

So, after our bird watching I went on one of my run/walks and worked out some, and I ran for 17 minutes!! For those that aren’t impressed, I’ve had tendonitis in my knee for the past 6 months and I’ve spent the last month or so seriously trying to get it back to functioning status. Running status ideally. When we first got here I was maybe running a total of 5-7 minutes, and very spaced out.  So 17 minutes has become a huge deal and I’m pretty excited :) As if the day hadn’t already started out on a good note, I also came back to realize Sara recorded a new song with Greg Lastwell- a good one at that! Particularly for those of you that know me well, there is no need to say more.  Obviously that would make today better.  Between spotting some of the rarest birds on the island day one, to getting an awesome run and lunch in, I hope today keeps on keeping on.  Oh, I guess I should share this.

Ah, and our professors are so great, really glad they’re here. Jerry is the man who has been organizing this program for years, and you can tell that he feels at home to be back.  While I don’t have many new photos to excite you with, I’ll throw in some fun ones that didn’t make the cut a while back. Aesthetic appearance is an important part of blogging. I may have made that up, but I’d bet somebody said that somewhere. Happy Monday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are a bunch of rather miscellaneous shots that just never showed up earlier, for one reason or another.  I do not know how to add captions, but they’re an assortment of each trip and some beach. We can caption them all “shots of the DR,” but until then the specifics are available upon request. Or they can just be secrets.  There are a few in here that I did not take, so no thievery intended. Also, I think there is a “next” button when you scroll over the images. There’s maybe 20 all together, so don’t feel obliged to watch the entire slideshow.



One thought on “Woah Buddy!

  1. I’m glad you are appreciating your opportunity. I hope you realize that it is primarily the result of work you have done.
    The AP classes that you took a few years ago allowed you to have the flexibility in your college schedule; Your grades were good enough to get you accepted; The time you spent looking for programs and talking to teachers, advisors, friends, and professors.
    All these things combined to create opportunity that you didn’t know about when you were doing them. Who knew calculus would payoff?



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