Is it Summer Yet?

Ten days to go :(

Ten days left until this wonderful little paradise semester goes back to the United States and becomes real life again. It’s okay though. It was only a matter of time before the present became the past, and I’m glad that it happened. Anyways, we’re winding up here, finishing up projects, and hopefully doing laundry for the last time.

And one of our last hurrahs was the Olympics! We decided to host our own games on the beach at night, costume mandatory.  However, if we’re going to be honest, it turned into kind of a 4 hour chaotic beach party.  Initially, we had set up games like the three-legged race, dodgeball, and chicken fighting. Most people ate sand.  It was fun though, and it gave us 9 a chance to hang out with our other Punta Cana friends before we leave them for real life.

As for our class this week, it was was all about interviewing, and it was really informative. As I’ll probably put some of these skills to the test in the next month, it was particularly relavent to my summer. We learned things from how to walk in, how to prepare, and even how to answer popular questions. Our theater teacher made it his side job to channel all his acting knowledge into interviewing techniques- and he’s been very successful. What better job could there be during a recession? Teaching people how to get jobs when there aren’t any is just a way to ensure that your career is in demand in a time when jobs are few and far between. As this is still our culture class, we also attended a classical music concert , and saw a wonderful symphony-style performance. There were some very talented musicians, and live music is one of my favorite things.  However, advice for next year’s group: EAT. Somehow we figured we’d just eat afterward, but afterward turned into 11pm pretty quickly and we were two rows of growling stomachs. The complimentary wine may not have been the best remedy. We decided to walk home, and it was a beautiful, full moon stroll on the beach (college is okay i guess..).  We did meet up with some Chinese food later that evening, and I regret trying some of the mystery chicken. I paid for that the following day.

But it was a nice occasion to get dressed up again.  We really are a crew of nature girls, as I like to call it. Showering and laundry are both very optional things, and make-up is a rarity in itself.  I like to think I keep the bar low intentionally so that people get excited when I do clean up. Regardless, we shocked the boys with our roughing-it style.  The two guys on our trip and our coordinator however, are the divas.  They are all about some coiffed hair stylin’. Either way, we all looked pretty sharp for the concert and the infrequency of the effort made everyone feel even more special. So it was a rather calm week for us, we’re winding up. Thought I’d check in though and share some fun photos. I also stumbled upon some scuba pictures that never made it to the blog before, and underwater pictures are kind of the best. alright, well that’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll provide some more artistic storytelling in the future, but for now just letting you all know that I’m still having fun and I’ll be seeing you very shortly!

Nana, we’ll be going shopping soon I hope! Blacksburg, we’ll hang out for a while before I head home. no worries. Carrie, drive safe. Austin, If you ever fall off a cruise ship I’ll send dolphins your way. Virginia Beach- let’s go. Love you all and see you before long!



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