Lets Talk Food.

And by this, I mean- I’m back. And by that I mean, I don’t want to leave this blog hanging just because I’m back in my “ordinary” life, so I’ll keep this mildly updated to the best of my ability. And way back when, it started as a recipe blog, so here’s one of the perks to being back in the country. Freedom with food!

Although, to be frank, I really have no interest in being back. I mean, of course it had to happen, and I’m okay with it, but it is nothing compared to the past few months.  To bring you up to speed, I’m taking organic chemistry in July and volunteering on either end of that. My awkward availability made securing a “real job” a bit of a challenge, so I’m doing a lot of odd work to keep me busy despite the minimal cash flow.  Still, I’m excited for some of the opportunities. Helping with an AIDS relief organization, teaching an English class to local refugees, and hopefully getting in a few weeks as a kayak/sea camp counselor! So it’s a lot of activity, but the lack of organization and routine has left me a little lost, though I trust it will fall into place a bit more as the summer progresses. So that’s summer in a nutshell, now onto ze food.

Mom and I found adorable “8-ball” zucchinis at a Farmers’ Market in Deltaville, and obviously we cashed in. We’re not the kind of women that turn down cute food. And having gawked (foodgawker.com) “zucchini” more than once, I knew fun things would come of this. However, I ended up combining several recipes/ making it up on the spot. So feel free to play with this too, you may have fun flavor thoughts that I didn’t think to try.

So let’s call these Zucchini Boats, Tubs, Cute Hollowed Zucchini Filled with Happiness STUFFED ZUCCHINI. note to self: get creative


  • -1tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • -3 zucchini balls
  • -1/2 of a medium-size yellow onion
  • -1/2 of a medium size bell pepper
  • -2 medium size tomatoes (medium size vegetables are my thing..)
  • -1/4C of frozen corn
  • -1/4C of frozen peas
  • -1 Packet of TJ’s rice medley (sub any kind of rice, already cooked this is about 1C )
  • -2tsp ground basil leaves
  • -2tsp oregano
  • -2tsp balsamic vinegar
  •  -1 packet condensed vegetable stock (This is all I had, but I’d recommend 1-1.5C Vegetable broth)
  • parmesan to garnish
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • water- as needed

So here’s the jist.

preheat oven to 350F

1. Slice off the tops of the zucchini and set aside.  Using a spoon (I heard sharp grapefruit spoons work great) or small knife, hollow out the inside. This was much easier than I had anticipated.

2. Set aside, and begin veggie-chopping. Add the zucchini flesh you just scooped out to a frying pan with the chopped onion and about a tbsp of EVOO. Let that hang out on the stovetop while you chop the pepper, and add when finished. Now’s a good time to add the frozen corn and peas  I found that it took about eight minutes on low heat to cook most of the way.3. I added about 2tsp of both salt and pepper at this point, and let these guys cook for another few minutes. I didn’t have many tomatoes at my disposal, but I think this would be good with more than what I used. I had to dice them pretty small though, to make sure they fit in the bowl.  I added them in last, and added about 1/2 the veg stock pack (1/2 cup broth) to let them get flavory. You can add the oregano and basil here too. Let this mixture cook, and go about your rice business.4. Again, I used Trader Joe’s Wild Rice Medley, but I’m sure you can use any type. Cook how you please. I added the balsamic vinegar here, and a touch of the veg. stock. Here’s type of rice I used:5. Alright, now it’s time to bake.  I layered the rice and veggies, so the veggies sat on the bottom of the bowl.  Fill them all the way up (there will probably be some left overs of both rice and veggies) and set them in a pan that’s at least 2in deep.  I used a 10 x 10 pan and lined it with foil, it can be anything that can hold an inch or so of broth/ water.  Lay the tops next to them too.  I did not have enough condensed stock, but I suggest using the rest of the veg broth here, and fill up the bottom of the pan so that the zucchini is sitting in a little bit. Water may suffice though if broth isn’t available.

6. Bake ’em for about 20min.  Top with a touch of parmesan cheese and you’re all set! Since we had lots of left over rice, I served the zucchini on a little pillow of rice and veggies, and we had a small fruit salad as well :)

So that’s what I’ve been up to since I’ve been home, I hope to keep you posted more regularly! I have to cook for a bake sale coming up, so get excited for some vegan deserts that taste BETTER than the rest. Sayonara for now,



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