a little bit of everything

Sometimes I have lots of enthusiasm about the new foods I make and want to post all my (less than quality) photos online to share my recipes and adventures.

Other times, I forget to take photos.  I may  just want to share my recipe with everyone that I know would share the love.  Sometimes I have no desire to devise a specific recipe, I just want to tell the world that I ate really darn well that day and I don’t need any documentation to prove it.

This. Was one of those days.

I also realized that I need to stop making blog promises. I’ll post when I post, sometime it’ll be a recipe, sometimes it’ll have cool pictures, other times it just wont.  I know there’s family members that read this to see what’s going on in Shannon-land, so here’s whats happening.


1. Grandpa turned 90 years old!  En route to the party, I swung by my cousin’s town and we got to spend a gorgeous September day out of doors, and there’s not much more I would have wanted. Spending time with Em was fun though, and the next day we got to see the whole fam.  Getting everyone together in one place is always such a feat that we have no choice but to have a good time.

Can you imagine the wisdom of someone who has seen nine decades of life? He told us some WWII stories, which are always a mix of goofy and emotional, and my aunt put together an incredible ancestry slide show.  I’m glad we were all able to make it down for a birthday dinner, we’re all luckier than we know.

Number 2. Life is Good. Well yes, but the LIG festival was good too.  Met up with my sister friend and got to see my girl Sara B. at a festival that was all about the power of optimism- and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect, the food was great, and the whole place was swarming with feel-good vibes.Needless to say, it was an incredible birthday present. The stars aligned so perfectly to make this weekend happen and I am still grateful, and in disbelief, that it actually happened. Wow (:

From the last night in Boston to yesterday evening, life has been a whirlwind. Highs and lows have tromped right through my typical weekly routines and it has been a new challenge to handle life and be able to acknowledge when you can’t always be in control. Oddly enough, I don’t have pictures to illustrate that chaos. So I’ll leave you with the second best thing, a few month-old picture of my best friend. Yeah, you’re welcome.

That brings us to this weekend. Which brings us to food! Most of the plans I had for the weekend kind of crashed through at the last minute. Though it was a big let down, the undeniable upside was a weekend that I could spend in my own bed- at last.   And what was on the agenda? Making that recipe that I’d had open in a tab for well over a week.  On OhSheGlows, (I know I know, introduce you to some new bloggers already. It’ll have to wait though. This girl knows fall) I somehow stumbled over an older post, but one that I knew I had to try immediately.

Rather than pretend I followed the recipe, or make up my additions, I’ll give you the jist.

Butternut squash. Apples. Cinnamon. Maple Syrup. Basmati rice. Nutmeg.  All baked together to make a casserole-type dish that’ll hopefully last me through the week. Mmmmmmmm Fall.

Still feeling like I should take advantage of my free time to cook, I had a brilliant idea to make pumpkin-chai rice crispies.  Let me know if you manage to nail it, but I think it’ll be another try or two before I do. In essence, it was this : brown rice crisp cereal. almond butter. maple syrup. sea salt. vanilla chai tea bags (it got tricky here). AND I FORGOT THE PUMPKIN. i know i’m SORRY. One day.

melt. mix. freeze.

And that’s life, folks. I may or may not be evading the peer-pressured night out to stay in and watch a documentary that I’ve been really wanting to watch, with a pan full of rice crispy crumble. No Regrets.

Happy Saturday. 


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