November Now!

This is another post that is toooo crazy for me to even begin to give you a recipe. Instead, I’ll entertain with a crazy story of what I had for dinner. Okay it’s not that crazy of a story, but it’s definitely a crazy recipe.

BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST (pl.) Part One: GO HERE >> Chocolatecoveredkatie is one of my favorites. Her specialties are veganized desserts that are not at all lacking in the delicious department.  She has a creative Sandy-related service project going on that make it easier than you think to help out.  Part Two: It’s voting time! This Tuesday every US citizen over 18 has the privilege to voice their vote, and don’t let it go to waste! It doesn’t take long to educate yourself on the issues and it’s your chance to contribute to the country. GUYS FOR REAL. This is going to be close.
 I’m done enforcing my public service announcements now. Thanks for that.

So in keeping with my new recipe every weekend policy, I yet again pulled something out of nothing. I think there’s a luck-limit on how long that is allowed to happen to a person, but for the moment I’m really excited that I’ve been on the choice end of that arrangement.  This past weekend was another weekend I got to spend in Blacksburg. I KNOW RIGHT.  It’s been great. Next weekend I’m off to Richmond for some family bonding and an 8k (me) and half marathon (rest of fam & friends), but until then I’ve had lovely relaxation time with my kitty in the burg.  Yesterday was the Hokie Classic gymnastics meet- the only fall meet, and the only meet at VT- and it was exhausting! I skipped bars, floor, and vault and did a nothing-special beam routine but still managed to be spent by the end of the day.  We were up early and busy organizing, competing, and helping run the meet for over 12 hours.  And with (thankfully) no exams this upcoming week, I had all day today to recover.  I was supposed to hand Bailey off to Mom, but with a Sandy setback we decided to hold off for another week- and no complaints from our house at all. :) Today was good. I got to sleep in, make some delicious peanut butter-pumpkin-chocolate chip pancakes for brunch, go on a lovely long run through a quiet part of the town I’d never been to before, and come back to play with tofu and watch some movies.  Not so bad, eh? Minus the winter weather that’s wasting no time at all to get here, things are good. Ah, so back to the playing with tofu.

I currently have very few flavors in my kitchen that make for ideal combinations.  So I just kind of went with the flow. I started with the tofu, making a snack for the week if nothing else. I forgot that I had the block in the fridge, so it was a nice discovery. I marinated half the batch in barbecue sauce and half in this lovely new curry sauce that I bought a few weeks back. 
Mmmmmmm. It worked well. In the meantime I decided to toss together some leftover lemongrass pasta (TJs for the win) with a green sauce. I’m normally the queen of tomato-based sauces and have never really went the green route- but what the heck. The only tomato sauce in the fridge was the non-vegan roommates’ and didn’t entirely fit into my bracket, so I got creative. And by that, I mean I glanced at some pesto recipes for a baseline and promptly ignored all of the thoughtful ideas the internet offered.  I know I know, but it’s so hardddddd to follow recipes exactly, and it’s so uncommmmon to have all the ingredients already in my pantry. A few cups of spinach later, I had a green sauce that contained an odd-ball magic bullet mix of the following. Spinach. Too much garlic. Oregano.  Nutritional Yeast. Cashews. Almond Milk. Soy mozzarella.  Olive oil. Salsa. Grape tomatoes.

I am SO not certified to make pesto.  For the most part, I know very little about its ingredients or usage.  Thus, my title was “green sauce” over anything fancy. I just blended together seemingly tasty ingredients hoping it’d turn out edible because at this point I had already thrown most of my back-up dinner plans into this green mess.  All in now. I also forgot that I now had this curried tofu that I was going to throw in. AH! What had I done?!NO IDEA, BUT IT WORKED. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but some mess of this spinach sauce and curried and barbecued tofu all came together. I even got the adventurous roommate’s seal of approval. I don’t know that I could recreate it if I tried, but at least I’m fed for the next couple days.

And I almost forgot! I’m 21 now! I had a whole birthday since we last talked! It was a good one too :) It started a day early at the Cellar with Adele and the rest of the study abroad group. We just went for dinner, but they maaaaade me stay up until midnight (apparently you get kicked out of bars for falling asleep #thingsilearnedonmytwentyfirst). It was fun though. I’m not normally one for partying wild so it was pleasantly low key while still fun.

We may have borrowed that hat from the fellow a booth over also having a birthday. Whatever.

But I gotta be real guys. It WAS my twenty first.

The next day was fun too! I had a few unexpected surprises and perfect birthday weather :) I’m happily another year older and although it looks like it’ll be the first year in a while that I spend exclusively in the east coast (stuck?) (maybe I’ll find a way out?) (nothing wrong with some home time), that doesn’t mean that it can’t be great :) Love you guys and excited to spend Thanksgiving at home!



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