Summer Soon?

I have a lot of recipes brewing for the upcoming weeks, but until then I thought I would leave you with words and pictures of equally great life happenings.

1. Blacksburg gets snow. I get it. No exaggeration, I’ve woken up every Friday morning to snow on the ground for the past six weeks.  The regularity is a bit freaky, but the snow itself is getting old fast.  A teacher’s six year old daughter articulated it nicely when she said, “I’m ready for Christmas to be over.”  And since it can be a toasty 32F/0C when it snows, it isn’t really an indicator of weather. Some days it’ll be a beautiful sunny day and I don’t notice the 12F until I prance out the door in my spring clothes, so the snowy days have naturally had the opposite effect and been considerably “warm.”  But, I’m going to assume that you’ve already had weather-small talk with someone in the past 24hours so I’ll wrap this up.

2. I finally left town! I think that was the longest I was cooped up in one place for the past two months and a break was much needed.  Last weekend our gymnastics club competed at JMU for the day, and did pretty well! IMG_0398I hung out with some friends for the evening and left bright and early Sunday morning for Richmond!644526_10151472096899182_15492473_nI don’t know if you have heard of Pentatonix. I don’t know if you know much about a capella- I’m a rather new fan myself.  But this group continues to blow my mind.  I saw them live at the National that evening, and it may have been the best show I’ve ever seen.  They’re wild.  Here’s a pretty great display of a capella at its finest (click for a link to one of my favorite songs they cover):156402_10151472096934182_1904793913_n

Ahh and I guess we’re onto #3?  That would probably exclude the exam-filled week I just finished and jump straight to my impromptu decision to go home this past weekend :) It had been a while, I missed the ocean, and I missed my cat.  It was short, but it was a great decision (and I convinced my mom to send me back with some homemade bean soup!– thanks mom).  I mean COME ON. Cat love is the best. Especially if your cat is large enough to suffice as a (42)The weather was not glorious and sunny the whole time, but I figured that if it were the same in bburg, I may as well be near a beach.  But then again, that is normally the answer for any confliction.  Find the ocean.  collage

I also did a fair amount of cooking and experimenting with new ideas- but they’re still in the works. Check back in a couple weeks for a culinary update :)

Hope all is well in your corner of the world,



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