Music, it gets me every time

Blogs are supposed to be outlets for thoughts that crave sharing.  I think so anyways, who knows if there are actually rules to these things. I mean just because a blog posts travel most of the time shouldn’t mean it can’t share recipes from time to time. And a blog that normally shares recipes should be allowed to dedicate some posts to simple thoughts on life, right? If I’m under the right impression, blogs are places where people can simply write as informally as they choose to express any number of things they choose.

Today, I’m going to challenge that. And by that I mean create a post that comes kind of out of left field simply because I have thoughts that I’d like to share. No recipes, no great stories, just thoughts.  Oh, and this may very well be triggered by the fact that I have a paper to write and I’m exceptionally skilled with procrastination. So sue me.

Okay,  music. All of it. Any of it.  I’ve long since been searching for a way to articulate how powerful music can be, while sitting with the understanding that it’s just a feeling I don’t actually have to explain.  Sometimes people can just feel something together and mutually understand how cool or how great it is. Words are not always necessary and sometimes just try to simplify something that can’t be simplified.  There are plenty of occasions where words are beautiful and beneficial, but I think there just as many situations where an unspoken, mutual feeling can accomplish just as much.  And I think that music is an incredible way to fill that space.

Last night I went to a concert with my mom, that was wonderful in so many ways.  There is this band, Elizabeth and the Catapult, that I discovered a little under a year ago and fell in love with instantaneously.  Sometimes music speaks to you so directly that it’s undeniable, and this was one of those sounds.  Along the way I realized that Elizabeth was not (yet) the worldwide sensation I had assumed she’d been for ages.  Turns out, many people I asked had never heard of her – weird.  I soon found out that she was coming to play in my hometown and naturally, I was stoked.  As a lesser-known artist, she was playing at a smaller venue which, to the audience, means affordable tickets and great seats.  Sweet.

Then last night happened. It was so much.  Not only did I get to see one of my favorite artists, but the two other artists playing with her, Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees, were phenomenal.  I love that musicians inevitably end up promoting each other. I love that following one of my favorite artists on twitter can lead me to discover their favorite band, which can show me another singer and then lead me to a band that is the cats pajamas. It’s so connected and it’s so cool.


Anyways, the entire show my mom and I were blown away.  The performance was so unique, so cohesive and just a good time. It was so fun to watch musicians (that were crazy talented) just hang out and enjoy each other on stage. It was fun getting to be the “super fan” of an artist that not everyone there knew and it was even cooler to get to know the two other musicians that are both clearly following their calling in life.

After the show, they came out to hang by the merch stand and meet fans. Another cool thing that may not have happened so easily had they all been incredibly famous.  (to clarify: I am not saying I hope these guys don’t get famous. I definitely see these guys becoming wildly successful, I am just simply being thankful that I saw them at a point in their careers when it was feasible to hang out with fans and play in a small venue) But I went up to talk to them and ended up getting pictures and just getting to hear about their future plans for music and life.  It’s a weird situation, to be face to face with someone that’s been singing in your car for so long but had never met you before.  The fangirl in me wanted to just find words to explain how great I think she is at music and writing and life, but the regular person in me simply wanted to say “hey” and let her know she killed it out there.  I’m sure I felt goofy and awkward, but it was definitely cool when she came over and wanted to hug me after we talked a bit.

Anyway, the complexity and really the awesomeness of that whole show and night hasn’t left my mind. It’s been almost a full day now but when your mind is blown, it takes a bit longer to recover.  Today I’ve been doing homework in coffee shops, which brings me to cool life fact number two.

People are so awesome. I’ve met a whole kitten caboodle of new faces today that have all been wonderful and really just embodied how great it is that we’re all spectacular people that are different but talented and great nonetheless.  I love having interactions with strangers that remind me how compassionate humans are and it’s really just great when it happens.  As I was driving home after one of these trips, with Elizabeth’s cd in my car, I just wanted to say thank you. To everyone. I was stuck between that place of wanting to just tell everyone how wonderful they are, but also knowing that is physically impossible and sometimes a mutual smile or nod has to suffice.  Bottom line, not everything can be articulated, but that doesn’t detract from it’s greatness, it just makes it more powerful. You’re probably not as awkward as you think you are. And that stranger over there, they probably think you’re a lot cooler than you think you are.

So to everyone that has made me feel so wonderfully human as of late: Elizabeth- your music has has a crazy awesome yet profound impact on my life this year. and I think you’re kind of a cool person too, which is a nice perk.  Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees, you blew my mind yesterday and I’ll be throwing your cds into rotation asap. Oh and if you all three decided to start a band for a summer and record an EP- put me down for a copy please.  Strangers (and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while) that I met at various coffee shops today- Thanks for saying hi.  I’m still thinking about you guys hours after I we stopped talking and I’m mostly just thinking about how glad I am to have had our conversations, even though I wasn’t the one to strike them up.

That’s all. That is all that has been weighing on my mind keeping me from writing the essay, hopefully it’s better now and I can get some work done. I feel pleasantly whole though, and that’s mostly coming from interacting with other people that are genuinely just talented and thoughtful and that is fun. Maybe it’s because I’m not always good with words, but I really just wanted to acknowledge that there are some powerful feelings out there that can’t be explained in a tweet, or even a 20 minute conversation, or even ever. So here’s to knowing there’s more in your heart than you can ever express adequately, and here’s to understanding that you can still share everything you need to.


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