Larabar Knock-offs

What the heck.  I’ve had this post sitting on the back-burner for quite some time now.  I think I was waiting to make another batch and maybe get some more photo-friendly snacks, but who really cares. I’ll replace them later if I see fit, but in the meantime it seems just plain rude to withhold such a delicious and unbelievably simple recipe from you any longer.  As I sit here in an airport waiting on a delayed flight, I can’t help but feel like this post needs posting. And trust me guys you don’t want to miss this one.  Ahh these are so wonderful.  I’ll post the original recipe first, with some options for variation at the end.  Definitely one of the most widely-praised concoctions I’ve created in the kitchen.title page

Ingredients (for a batch of approx 12 4X2 inch rectangles)

  • cashews- 1 cup raw
  • dates- about 10 pitted medjool dates


  • blend cashews into a flour (do this before the dates so that the nuts don’t get stuck together with date pieces)
  • chop dates into half, or fourths, and toss into the magic bullet (or equivalent)
  • mix the two together, by hand ideally until a nice moldable dough forms
  • spread onto wax paper, or saran wrap, and press out flat- about a 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick
  • set in the freezer for an hour or so to set, cut up as you see fit, and divy it into sandwich bags to last the whole week! Or if you get too excited and just split it with your best friend and call it dinner- I won’t judge :)close up single barand as promised… here are my current favorite variations-
  • mint chocolate chip, add a teaspoon of your favorite mint extract, add a 1/4 of cocoa powder (add it first so you can use less cashew flour if needed) and a handful of chocolate chips if you like. mmmmmm soo tasty.
  • pb oatmeal raisin- 1/4 cup oats, approx 3 tablespoons of your fave nut butter and a handful of raisins make for a balanced breakfast on the go!

let me know if you have any other ideas or successful variations of your own! I seriously cannot get over how great these are, and too easy to not make!collage

And as for the always promised, typically wordy update on my own state of affairs, here’s my life as of late. Exams are over! And a bit more frighteningly, and excitedly, my junior year of college is now a thing of the past!  You guys, in one year I’ll be graduating college. For the friends and family reading this, not intentionally trying to make you feel older but MANN time flies.

This year was easily one of my favorites.  I finally feel like I found a niche at my school and I’m a bit bummed that it will be short-lived.  Which brings me to the next big announcement that is really the precise kind of excitement that created this blog in the first place. So, with the disclaimer that no paperwork has quite been processed at this moment, I’m off to spend the fall semester in Sri Lanka! This past semester I’ve met a lot of people working with the study abroad office, and before I knew it I found out about an NGO in Sri Lanka called Sarvodaya that has a specific branch for community health.  One meeting led to another and several conversations and contemplations later, I’ve decided to take an internship class abroad in the fall and come back to finish up my degree and graduate in Spring 2014- right on schedule! Again, the fine-tuning  still needs to be adjusted, but that’s the plan! Who knows how it will play out, how scary it will be venturing solo to a Asian country, or how exciting it will be to be somewhere so different for the first time, but I have no doubt that there will be plenty of posts in the future with plenty more details and descriptions of the new endeavor.

Until then? Summer.  I spent some time visiting my sista-friend in Maine this past week, spent a weekend in Vermont, and am now headed home for a few (too few) weeks in Blacksburg before I head east. Potentially following that with a brief EMS course and then leading a few summer kayak camps before I pack up to leave for the next adventure.  Things are still a bit too uncertain for my liking, but they’re falling together as they shall and I’m taking it as it comes.  Happy cooking, happy hiking, and happy summer :)

The oceanic view from Bald Rock Mountain, in Camden Hills State Park- Camden, Maine
The oceanic view from Bald Rock Mountain, in Camden Hills State Park- Camden, Maine

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