A Catch-Up of Sorts

20131029-191509.jpgYou know what’s crazy? How little I’ve written in the past few weeks compared to how much I relied on it in the beginning? Maybe I should just take that as getting used to a place and settling in, but I can’t help but feel a touch of regret. Moving on.
Quick recap of the past few weeks- Kidney Disease report in full swing. I’ve been to remote rural villages, taught a health lesson in school, and been to some lectures in the capital. But lots of time at the office too. A bajillion-stair pilgrimage up Adams peak, another trip to the ocean, and illegal swimming in a waterfall :) I FINALLY got a surf trip in, and now have three oceans and five countries to my name- the thrill of a wave never fades.

Okay. Glad you’re caught up. Because I just want to recount for you my weekend. Maia (my kidney partner- yes I like the sound of that) and I wanted to find a way to work some interviews and adventures together for the weekend. There were a few people in Kandy on the list of folks-to-talk-to and our only interest was doing things outdoors and maybe hitting up some museums. Essentially relishing in a weekend of “easy” travel with a companion who happens to have interests that match mine spot-on. Who ever said third world travel had to be difficult all of the time? Anyways. We did a pretty good job of weekending.

20131028-221635.jpgI knew there was some sort of group in town (via travel guide books) that was really THE place to get hooked up with adventures. I didn’t know the details, but I knew it was a place to start. While I went on my morning jog around the ever-picturesque Kandy City lake, I headed for Expeditor , the adventure hostel. It was only at the top of some unreasonably steep half-paved hill. I quickly chatted up the really nice staff and found out that they basically led expensive guided tours, that left for the day a few hours ago. Except for the rafting option. If we could rally in the next hour that was still do-able, and after lots of discussion (which in my opinion was just talking about life with really nice people) our price dropped down to something manageable. Although Mai and I talked about it over, it was pretty clear that this was just something we were going to do, because of the YOLO yoSLo. So we did. And, it was awesome.The transport turned out to be a four-hour tuk tuk endeavor that included both a flat tire and a trip backwards down a hill into a ditch. Both of which required the three of us had to lift the little three wheeler off the ground. We bounded through the hills, happy to just Be. The rafting guy we were set to meet was talked up quite a bit, so I had expectations for ‘ol Ravi. As we pulled into the driveway, we headed in to learn more. A large, charming fellow wearing nothing but a rather worn out suit, that may have just been underwear, stood to greet us. He directed us through his kitchen, around the inflatable rafts taking up his living room, over the life jackets all over the couch and into the bedroom upstairs to change our clothes. The typical hospitality of Sri Lanka :) You know (or maybe you dont… but you’re getting to). A few minutes later we were in a truck headed to the Kelani River. Some brief words of advice for survival and somehow we were off in this raft with two guides headed into some class III waves with matching expressions of bewildered excitement on our faces. It was one of those situations where you don’t really get the full details, you really just get the abbreviated bits that happen to translate well and hope for the best. And this was one of the times where hoping for the best really worked out. It was refreshing and fun and beautiful and basically a great decision. It was short and sweet, but our guide let us do flips off the raft and take our jackets off the whole way back so I was satisfied.

20131029-192036.jpgMan. I come up with blog ideas so regularly and feel bummed about my lack of distributing them. My camera situation still isn’t perfect, so I’ve kind of fallen back on that as an excuse. I’m also having some hard days here and those are less fun to talk abou, though I’m sure I will in due time. In the midst of sorting out classes and housing for the spring, solely via internet, which hasn’t quite been a walk in the park. Though, life is all about managing these things and I guess I could say I’m just honing some skills. Well off to finish that up for the evening, but hope all is well in the u s of a. It’s a crazy world to think of from all the way over on this little island.

Love y’all.
(Ah, the southern twang of va doing wonders for any homesickness:)

In no particular order, the above pictures include: the beaches of Mirissa, a train ride through hill country, a pic of me and my people at Worlds End, and a sunset from my street at home in Moratuwa.


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