A brief update

Hey there. Just wanted to shoot out another, message to let you know I’m alive. Thanksgiving’s coming up back home which is a real BUMMER because all of my family everywhere is getting together to be American and I’ve never really not been there before. Sending love to you all though. But also to say that I’m quickly approaching crunch time for this report. Which means it’d be wise to channel all writings toward CKDu until next week.
But I wanted to share this gem with you. This is basically a really good overview of what CKDu is, why it’s a big deal and a peak into the research I’m doing. It’s a really holistic account of what’s going on, the bread and butter of my work here.  I realized that a few of you may actually be really curious about the finer details of my work, so here’s a link to a friendly e-book.
Also. Because culture is sometimes really hard and likes to mock your face off. Here’s just another day at the office:
So i show up in the office, which i love, but is typically an awkward fest. Even at lunch, I just eat my sandwich (which is real foreign to them and I constantly have to defend how yes, it is enough food, and yes bread is weird and yadayada). Today made a tuna fish sandwich with tomatoes, so it was kind of a wet one.
Anyway the tea fairy is there, which I have never seen before, so I sit down and pull out my weird lunch. She’s really shy and speaks zero english and for some reason I was not feeling up for bringing my A-game social skills out of the woodwork. Anyways I finally ask (in sinhala) about her family and she chats a little. I’m trying to be cool and not draw attention to the food because it’s a drag and I’m trying to act all chill like hey I’m just here eatin my lunch like always, whatever reading a paper, small chatting.
Then, because i made my sandwich on sri lankan bread, which is bread that looks normal but when it expires it doesn’t get moldy right away like normal bread, it basically just looses any ability to maintain a firm shape. Like the bread crumbles when you hold it because for some reason the stuff that makes bread stiff just disappears at a certain date. Whatever Sri Lanka. Anyhow, LOW AND BEHOLD my entire wet sandwich full of tuna chunks just crumbles to pieces.  Like in a cartoon where the thing the guy holds suddenly turns to dust- that happened. so here i am trying to play cool and clean up my mess of bread crumbs that just materialized ALL OVER the table, while also acting like i totally meant for it to happen because now I have this great pile of breaddy tuna and tomatoes, like a salad, and SHEESH. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO HAVE LUNCH. whatever. She pretty much smiled and left the room. But I think she still likes me.



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