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Dear apologies for neglecting this blog for record time. I don’t know that I will continue to keep it up forever (though I like to think I might) but I, quite honestly, had zero time for it this past semester. I redefined intensity- studied my butt off but had more fun with more friends than ever before. Work hard play hard? I don’t know if that’s a sound method for living life, but I survived my last semester at Virginia Tech, graduated with two degrees, a minor, and a pretty beefy stack of extracurriculars. Loved it. But here’s the most accurate description of how I felt during this time:IMG_0942

but I graduated!!


But now is phase two. And as it’s easily the number one question that everyone and their cousins are interested in: So… what now? What am I going to do with those degrees that I paid so much for and invested so much time and energy into? And in all honesty, I don’t know for sure. But I figure I owe you all a brief catch up, so here’s what I know as of now.

1. I did not get the dream fellowships I was holding out for that were basically international public health opportunities for post-grads.

2. I am still eyeing those same positions. The dream is to get abroad for a few years-ish doing public health work. But that’s harder than it sounds, especially when you don’t have any money and can no longer work the study-abroad system.

3. Until then, I’m in San Francisco! I took the next best opportunity. I was offered a position as, essentially, a camp counselor for a program run at the Jewish Community Center out here, coaching gymnastics to elementary school girls as a part of a camp entitled “gymnastics, arts, dance and swimming: girl’s movement camp” or something of the like.

3 a,b,&c: I love it. Anyone who’s spoken to me in the past few days can tell by my voice. I feel so good about this opportunity and what it will offer me for the next few months. It’s only a summer job at the moment, but I feel that I am just in the perfect place. My housing situations seem to be going smoothly (living in the city until July, then in Berkeley until September), I’m meeting lots of new people and faces, and I’m trying my darndest to take full advantage of being in a place as diverse as SF- with opportunities just dripping off every block. Additionally, it’s a feeding ground for global health opportunities, and if I can weasel my way in to some of those I’ll feel a whole new degree of comfort. So- at the moment I’m thoroughly excited for this new position as a camp leader, slightly more excited about that taking place IN San Francisco, and still trying to understand my career path that is ever-changing. But at the moment, I feel really good about it. Let’s see just how much longer I can keep that up.IMG_0091

omg and the food you guys. while I could rant all night about any single thing here (weather, people, events…) let me just say that it will take a whole new level of self-restraint to keep from spending all of my money on culinary experiences. In Virginia (with love to my home state), my diet is the weird one. There just aren’t options that I’m even interested in at many common places, vegetables are the minority. Here, there are restaurants with ENTIRE MENUS that are appealing, and even the grab-n-go joints have things that are so exciting and unusual and health-conscious that I have a hard time saying no. I’m not sure how much cooking I’ll be doing, but I’ll keep the recipe bit in the loop, in case I do lean that way!

Here’s a few odd pics from this past semester :)

oh winter, you dear friend
oh winter, you dear friend
just some goats I found on a run. whatever blacksburg, do you.
just some goats I found on a run. whatever blacksburg, do you.


valentines day party with roomies!
valentines day party with roomies!


Much love to all!


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