Cincinnatti– day one

Maybe it was beginners luck, but the first day was easy peasy. I spent the night with my lovely second family in DC. Remember my roommate from the Dominican Republic? I quickly fell in love with her family upon our return to the states and they continually host me when I’m passing through- providing love, snacks, and great company(:

Anyway, they sent me on my way this morning and I made it a couple hours before I was too antsy and had to go run. I pulled off at a great rest stop (Cumberland, Maryland I think?) and ran all around and had a little workout of my own on a patch of grass. Besides the 90 degree heat, it was great. I got nice and sweaty, had a great hummus lunch, and was ready to go.


And then I drove forever. Tons of music. Miles on miles on miles. But Cincinnati came soon enough though! I’m staying with some friends of a good friend of mine, she graduated and left but has some friends still studying an living near the University of Cincinnati.

Tomorrow’s plan? Chicago! It shouldn’t be too long so I’m going to try to leave here early and spend some time there while it’s light out. Meeting up with a friend of mine from this past summer and I’m excited



2 thoughts on “Cincinnatti– day one

  1. I’m glad it was an easy day. I liked the photos…the rain shot was neat. And the “Welcome to” signs are a great idea when you can get them. It really shows the journey. Great job! I wish I was with you exploring Chicago. I’ve never been there.


  2. Thanks for the nice tribute Shannon! We feel very honored to be your last stop east before the journey began. Unsurprisingly, it sounds as if you are doing great! Love discovering your blog and all the gems it holds, from photos to stories to photographs. Will be following. Stay safe and have fun!
    The Berlin fam


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