As I start writing this, it’s 4am in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace, in no other than Las Vegas, Nevada.

Surprise? After Minnesota, I spent a couple days in Denver, cuddling in blankets more than exploring a city. I tried, I really did. But it was clearly not my time to explore Colorado on this trip. It was so cloudy, so cold, so wet. I pretended like it wasn’t a big deal and set out multiple times, yet found myself yearning for hot tea and blankets every time I set out. So that’s just what I did, ad that is totally okay.
It was a matter of reminding myself that this trip is not designed to be a see-all trip of America. It is really just a means of getting my car to my new home, via seeing and meeting some cool people along the way. A people trip, not a place trip.

And with that, I left Denver after two nights, drove straight through Wyoming, and met up with a friend in Salt Lake City who was up for the weekend trip of accompanying me back to the Bay Area (where he then has a one way flight back to Utah).
On the premise of YOLO, we decided to drive to Vegas that evening. Why not? It seemed more adventurous to go the Vegas-Los Angeles- San Francisco route, and we’re all about adventure.

At the time when I began this post, the two of us may have been the only sober tourists in all the strip. Apparently you have to be GOOD at gambling before the house starts buying you drinks. Who knew. We were also very close to broke. So we explored the town and shared exasperated “I just don’t get it” reactions to sin city and checked it off the list of crazy places to visit.

We caught the sunrise over the last top of Nevada desert and set off for stop #2: LA. It’s an area of California that I’ve never been to before, and despite it’s lousy reputation for traffic and superficiality, the volume of art and ambition in this place is exciting. There is also a pretty cool grad program at UCLA that I’m currently scoping out, just to get a feel. I think tonight will involve some beach chilling and hopefully live music at a little venue that I’ve always wanted to visit.

Almost home! Wrapping up this road trip one adventure at a time, thanks for staying tuned and I’ll let ya know how it concludes. (:



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