Four Thousand Miles

I made it. In one piece, $553.51 later.
Total stats-
Mileage: $3,996 > from DC to Ingleside, CA where I spent the night Sunday
Gas: 14 full tanks, $420.78 (excluding what friends contributed)
Parking meters: $14 (thanks CHICAGO)
Miscellaneous foods and purchases: $72.74. Oh. And the Vegas $50.
Not too shabby, eh? Here’s my best attempt at a route map:

IMG_1162.PNGThe end of the trip was perhaps the best, bittersweet in the best ways. Richard was with me and helped take over the driving as we drove into the sunrise after our Vegas stint. We met up with a friend in LA, and spent the night at his place, in a house full of Hokies believe it or not. Then our final day began. A slow race against the clock as he had to catch a flight in San Jose later that night. It wasn’t actually a matter or driving fast, just kind of a challenge as to how many stops we could take and how close to departure we could push the airport arrival time.

IMG_1163.JPGWe ride route 1 for most of the drive. For those who don’t know,that is one of THE most scenic drives in the country, perhaps the world. It winds around mountains and cliffs with incredible ocean views around every bend. We stopped for a taffy break in San Luis Obsipo and a hike + ocean swim in Big Sur (where gas is a whopping $6/gallon, you’ve been warned).


IMG_1167.JPG The sunset that kept us company for the last stretch to San Jose was beautiful. Tons of colors. Plenty of great songs we could belt along to or just sit and chill alongside as we basked in the crazy, wonderful weekend- that for me marked a closure to the summer and arrival into a new chapter of life. Things were good.

IMG_1169.JPG All too soon I had dropped Rich on his way and entered the Bay Area, happy to be returning to my summer love but a bit nervous about the change in store. The magic of summer has clearly faded, leaving traces of what was but strong reminders that I’m entering an entirely new phase. A new house, a new schedule, multiple new jobs. The kind umbrella that let me gradually adjust to post-grad life out here over the summer has pulled away and as soon as this drought ends.. I’m going to get wet. I’m excited about everything, I just know it’s going to get a bit grittier and take a bit more legwork and soul searching to keep riding the high. Check in soon. Love you all lots. Thanks for following my US journey :)



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