Cape Town

Helloooo friends and family! I think I just heard an echo.
I stepped into the dead zone of Forgotten Blog Land and I’m not sure who else is wandering around here. Maybe I’ll shoot an email out for good measure. Oh and by the way, I’m in Africa. (:

With a bit more spontaneity than my last few adventures, if that’s even possible, I decided to piggyback on my famous sister-friend’s plot to spend a couple weeks in February traveling through South Africa. Why not? Despite moving 3000 miles away to the opposite coast of my own country, I hadn’t really left the US in over a year. And as no surprise to anybody, I was getting restless. So I saved up some money, asked Santa for a bit more, and took off in hopes of surf and some news sights.

And I’ve already filled both quotas. I have never been anywhere like here. Sometimes you can go places and think “oh, this kind of reminds me of this and this seems sort of familiar,” but not here. I want to draw comparisons, noting the Dominican-like colorful buildings and blue skies, but that’s basically as far as I can get. It’s definitely a developed place, here in the city. There are so few catcalls because people just don’t care that much about beachy white girls, they’re almost ordinary. There is also this hilly coastline with one tremendous (world’s oldest to be exact) mountain with a flat top keeping watch over it all. It’s called Table Mountain, and worth a google. I don’t have a good pic of my own yet. I do have a pic from the top though! We didn’t budget enough time to do the hike, but we took a cable car up and it was surreal, to say the least.

More soon. There’s already so many things to say and some stories to tell, but I want to wake Carrie up from her spontaneous nap so we can go find food. Love to all!

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