Cape Peninsula

The last blog post cut short. The wifi here is unreliable and had me bending over banisters just hoping I could reach enough signal to send a picture home. Upon posting, the app promptly freaked out and refused to load so I’m stuck in a safari window reaching out to you all back home. imageAs we have officially been gone for one week, I would have expected to be more vigilant about our sightseeing, but we took it pretty slow thus far. A few days walking through town, a few surfing, and then today we started the touring part. It was so great. We hopped on a bus with many other tourists and set out for the peninsula. Cape Town itself is really part of the mainland South Africa, but there’s a peninsula that sticks out like a hook, where Cape of Good Hope and Cape point are- the southern most points of the continent. Ahhhh and they were so freaking cool. We saw penguin colonies, baboons, ostriches, zebras, and rode bikes along the road and hiked along the paths. Apparently one of the summers’ most distinct qualities is the wind that completely envelops the capes. When we finally made it to the end it felt like there were invisible tornado forces at work. I can’t remember a time where I’d been so surrounded by air this powerful. imageI’m sure the pictures won’t do it justice, but part of the magic standing here at the end of the world was certainly this vortex of wind reminding you how alive you are.

As as I write this I’m outside our hostel with a milkshake. It’s almost eight, but the sun is still setting. The air is mild, but warm. Although Carrie is cleaning up now, I’m still full of grunge, hair wind blown to new levels. There’s the world’s oldest mountain behind mean and the country’s parliament building just up the road to my left, where the state of the union address baffled many just a few days ago. The hostel is an interesting one, the nights are filled with equal annoyances from the local bar “Characters” and this glass window that was clearly not installed with the winter winds in mind. My camera is mia at the moment, so I’m going to go find carries devices and try to email some pictures in and attach them, the last post was certainly lacking. Best of luck to all the endeavors you have in the week ahead, wherever in the world they may be. Xo


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