Spreading Out

Finally, a real wifi connection! Going to take this time to share the pics that were too much for our little place’s internet to handle.imageBy “little place” I’m referring to our ridiculous residence in Cape Town for the past week. This little house above a bar that has been transformed into a hostel. Everything about the place- the staff, the design, the location- made it one of the quirkiest places I have ever been to. As much as we joked it, we were genuinely a bit sad to leave the place. Anyhow, we set off today to see a snippet of the rest of the country before heading home and drove from Cape Town to Oustshoorn, a little town that’s a kind of hopping off point for seeming animals and doing outdoor activities.image

We drove along a pretty famous route, the Garden Route, notorious for incredible sights and an easy drive. Although we were only on it briefly, our entire drive was nothing short of scenic. This trip has been a beautiful mess of little planning and last minute adventures. Which I’m totally okay with, but all the locals have been really bothered by. Everyone we talk to immediately wants to know what we’ve done, what we plan to do, and then offer their two cents. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing exactly, but man is it getting old. When we share what we’ve done or what we sort of would like to do, it’s almost alway been greeted with eye rolls and an interruption explaining how we SHOULD be doing our trip and why we’re all wrong. Are we typical travelers? Nah, not so much. Does your idea of a trip plan sound nice? Yeah it does. But just because we aren’t checking off every tourist activity and booking hostels weeks in advance doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong. We’re enjoying the time together, we’re constantly seeing, learning,and experiencing new things with new people. That qualifies as worthwhile in my book. So back of a smidge, eh?


Anyway, we’re spreading out through South Africa this weekend, seeing the things. We rented a car, as is strangely the advice from everyone here. Roads are actually really impressive. Only thing missing is a complimentary Tay Swift 1989 album in the car.


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