California Road Trippin

Welcome to my California Road Trip 2015!
Part surf, part soul-searching.
For anyone who remembers my life five or six years back, you’d know there were lot of waves and lots of stoke. I was a surfer through and through- until I left for college in the mountains. That was great. I learned all about hiking and inland beauty, but I was slowly forgetting how to do that thing I loved. Next thing I know I’m living in California and feel so far removed from all of the surf culture. The water is bigger out here than it is in the Atlantic, less forgiving. And I’m back at square one. I remember what it’s like to surf, but out here I’m also trying to get the hang of shorter boards and that involves a lot of failed duck diving attempts and my fair share of falling off.
Anyway, surfing really was my first love, and it seems wrong to me to neglect something that I felt so connected with and empowered by, so I made a trip. The ocean is really far from Berkeley, so it wasn’t working for me to make a monthly trip out to the one little beach that’s always cloudy. I wanted sunshine and lots of beaches to try out and a few weeks to do nothing but focus on surf (almost). So that brings us up to speed.
Today will be the first full day on the road. I camped in Big Sur this past night and man were there a lot of stars. Out here there’s no cell phone reception, and really just the one coastal highway connecting everything so it’s pretty isolated. I don’t know many times that I have really felt that alone. Not in a bad way, albeit kind of eerie, but the kind of alone where it is completely dark and so quiet you can hear silence. And not having any phone service was a bonus. It was just me. Out under an enormous sky and all the stars.
Somewhere there’s someone on the Appalachian Trail thinking the same thing as they set up camp (eh, Sally?). Somebody in Antarctica looking up at all these stars too- if nighttime is even a thing down there in the summer. It’s cool to be faced with the sky. When we’re in the thick of ordinary life, all distracted by screens, there’s nothing to remind us of the universe. I know that I don’t regularly sit outside at my house and just look up for a few minutes before going to sleep. Maybe I should. Maybe everyone should.
Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.03.08 PM
Well, that marks night one. Headed down to San Luis Obispo today where I’ll be staying with a friend in a real house and bed for a night or two. Hopefully my day includes healthy servings of ocean, coffee shop writing, and salt water taffy. Some music too. I don’t know that I’m trying to “find” anything out here, but I do know that I’ve felt kind of lost lately. And if there’s one way to find me again, I’m pretty sure it involves chasing the sun down to the warm weather and waves. I’ll let you know what I find. Until then, I’m reigniting the little spark that is this blog. Happy Wednesday, World.

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