So Cal

I was hesitant to start writing this knowing that I have failed in the photography department. There were so many great photo ops that I completely passed up. Luckily, google exists. This way you get an idea of where I am even if I can’t manage to document it. Like Morro Rock.

At 576ft tall, Morro rock sticks out like a, er, an extinct volcano plug.  It is one of those things that is begging to be photographed.  I couldn't resist, so my wife and I headed out one morning and enjoyed a sunrise here.   I was surprised to see so many people on this beach.  It is a huge beach, and many surfers, joggers, dog-walkers and wanderers passed by before 7:30am on Sunday morning!   Canon 30D Canon 17-40L @17mm 0.3 second exposure @F22 Lee soft ND grad .9 + .75 filters ISO 100

I went surfing here yesterday morning and made it past the break! Except, if we’re being honest.. it looked a bit less like that solid google image find, and a bit more like this…

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.53.40 AM

Ha that’s instagram keeping it real. Probably owe photo credit to someone somewhere..

But I made it out passed the break! It was such a little joy. Something I’m sure I had as a little fifth grader learning to surf. But man was I giddy. Surfing was coming back! It was cloudy and cold, but being in the water was perfect. The real icing on the cake was making my way to Pismo. A little beach just south of San Luis Obispo that’s pretty touristy and kinda dinky waves. I brought my board and wasn’t super impressed, but it was sunny and the water was blue, so why not? Oh my gosh it was perfect. The waves were still so rideable and I stood up a bunch!! So happy to be making progress and putting my non-surfer self behind me. It was sunny, I was crushing it on these toy-like waves, and back in my game. And dolphins showed up! I tried not to get too cocky, but I’m glad to feel like I’m coming into myself more. Baby waves or not, I was in the water and soaking up vitamin d like a champ.

I spent the night with a couchsurfer friend, hung out in her co-op of nine other surfer/climber/biker/runner dudes and woke up at 5am for a sweet hike in the hills. Followed by a fancy breakfast at 7 and out the door by 8 en route to Santa Barbara. That’s the kind of thing that I find perfect, that not many people do. Oh it was so fun though. The hike was hard but I’m trying to conserve some energy and caffeinate so that I’m ready to go when the sun finally breaks through these darn clouds that cover this state all morning. Oh and here’s a pic of the coffee shop I’m in!


What a great name, glad that’s being used. It’s a cool place though! I was really struggling this morning (lately my mood has correlated uncannily with the weather, gray clouds = grrrr, sunshine = all is well in the world, what gives brain chemicals??) butttt coffee cat pulled me up. Perfect little nook for work, yummy coffee, easy enough parking, and nice people. It’s surprising how tricky that is to find though. Happy Thursday everybody. Hope you have something exciting going on, or hoping you can find excitement somewhere hidden among the slush of everyday.


One thought on “So Cal

  1. Unsure if I was able to transmit my last two comments so I will add a few more words! I’m very proud of you and I’m so happy you are surfing and hiking again. I love Big Sur and I could imagine being there at night. I found a piece of jade that I had made into a necklace and I’m holding it now thinking about your adventures. I’m sure this trip will have life enhancing impacts. Love you!


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