Water. Falling out of the Clouds.

Look at me blogging like a pro. ErrrdAY.

Man and I’m experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions pretty much on the daily. Which is kind of cool, I expected lots of ups and downs. I’m also trying this experiment called “lets see if I can be in a good mood without coffee” and it’s going alright. This morning I turned my whole day around all on my own. Then I celebrated….with coffee.. So yeah..IMG_2904

Anyway, I woke up to this strange sound. This rythmic dripping.. what’s that… is it rain? No, California is currently Drought Capital USA and I’m in the southern deserty part, it couldn’t be. Oh but it was. I packed up the tent as fast as I could so it wouldn’t get all wet and got on the road sooner than I’d expected. And I asked on the way out, but the campground assured me that there were no first-come sites available and they were totally booked- for real this time.

On the road again. I was a bit anxious, knew I’d need a new place to stay, wasn’t jazzed about the rain (except we need it so yeah i’m moderately cool with it), and was trying the whole no coffee thing out. I held up in a coffee shop, with a sandwhich and glass of water, and took care of some tedious financial things, then was all ready to surf. After all, the sprinkling rain had mostly held off. OH BUT WAIT. While I was inside it managed to start POURING. IMG_2909

“Okay Shannon. Rain’s no big deal. It’s not my choice weather, but surfing in the rain is completely possible. Sometimes it’s the best, let’s check it out.”IMG_2912

I drove down to the Oceanside beach and unlike Laguna, there was plenty of parking (maybe the rain helped..) and the waves were perfect and really car-accessible. I pulled into a spot, got all ready to pull the wetsuit out.. when FLASHHH CRACKSNAPPLEPOP. Oh just a thunderstorm warning me to stay out of the ocean if I’m not in the mood to get electrified. Gosh darnit. Consulting my internal parents (“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” “be smart,” “I don’t like the idea of you out there alone”) I decided fiiiiiine I’ll drive a bit more and see if I can get out of the thunderstorm. Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 3.00.04 PM

my “wtf” face.

Turns out like all of so cal is experiencing this rain phenomenon. It’s okay though. Hopefully I can find some time to surf, but it may be a day to hit up a rock gym. Oh and a San Diego couchsurfer had some guests cancel last minute so he’s got space to host me tonight! Woo hoo for fate/dumbluck. See, there’s that 180 again. Things get rocky then they pull through, then they get tricky, then they smooth out.

Oh and remember how my campground from last night that was “too full”? I went online and found like 30 available campsites (probably another “glitch” bc no campground in all of california has that many openings). I thought for a moment about the lecture I got, and how I was such a lucky person and it’s not how they do buisness.. and debated making a reservation. But then I did. It was a sweet campground! And I need a place to stay! And they already took my money so imma hope the same gate keepers aren’t there when I get in and I can play dumb again. Also, they should really fix that computer glitch.


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