All is well!

Haha I appreciated the concern in comments/texts today, or rather, I think it’s cool to know people were actually reading and keeping up with my adventurin’- thanks!

Today my sister-friend, the same one who’s practically a regular on this blog, flew in to visit! She’s going to hang a bit with me here in the LA area and then we’ll drive up together and she’ll fly out back up in San Francisco. It was prime time too.IMG_2916

Yesterday I was in a funk. Pretty much all day. I wanted to wait a bit, my moods had been fluctuating so much I wanted to see if I could ride it out before writing all about it. In retrospect, it wasn’t awful. But more rain, and honestly, a bit of boredom and homesickness. It was my one-week marker and the excitement was wearing thin.I’ve been getting real frustrated surfing. I’m decent at paddling out, but I just cant freaking catch a wave. The board is so much shorter than I’m used to and a wetsuit isn’t especially fun (I find it limiting..) and overall I’m just hitting a wall. I’m trying to power through though. So far, I’ve been in the water at least once a day, and that’s staying true to my intention of the trip. But it is getting hard. Pile that with a smidge of boredom and some rainy weather… it was high time for Carrie to show up.

I was also just spending so much time sitting that it was starting to feel repetitive. Driving, sitting and writing at coffee shops, sitting in my car playing music, sitting on the surfboard waiting for waves, everything was so sedentary. So I did what I do in that situation- google around for the nearest gymnastics gyms I could maybe have some free workout space at. And I found one! But it was only open Tuesday nights, so I had to power through another day to get there.

Oh but there was something cool that happened. So a couple of the olympic gymnasts from 2012 train in this area, and one of the girl’s is still training and her gym was pretty close to my campsite, so I went to check it out! And sure enough, Kyla Ross was right there, running through her floor routine! It was so cool, but there wasn’t a good observation deck so I couldn’t take picture without coming off too fan girly. But it was pretty cool.


Anyhow, Carrie’s here now and the company is great. We saw Inside Out (my second time) and it was great. We went out for lunch, my first real eating out experience yet, and I forgot how delicious food is! I had spent so much time in my world of granola bars and seaweed snacks that I forgot about the magic of warm food. What a treat. Thanks Carrie.

Anyway, thanks for checking in guys. Doing alright. A bit busier, but off to do some gymnastics now :) Take care



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