I had half of this post already typed and ready to go! What happened technology.

Oh well. It would have been cool though to see the before and after.

You see, yesterday we went to this beach, this surf spot, called Trestles. IMG_2880

It’s a world renowned surf spot. Kind of a big deal. It really wasn’t breaking all that nice yesterday, but on days when it goes off, it attracts big deal surfers from all over. And I was still in my funk about not knowing how to surf.

I was so reluctant. It wasn’t that big or scary, in fact it was shallow with warm, blue water, but I did not feel like facing the surf demons again. The ones that make it so challenging to just freaking remember how to surf. The board is hard, the wetsuit is a pain, surfing around other people that are much better than me..everything had just piled up to be one giant nuisance. And that’s annoying because it’s something I love becoming a pain and that’s never good.  So anyway, Trestles. We go and it’s a beautiful perfect beach day. And I get in the water and catch a bunch of waves. Granted they were little and I didn’t do much of the “dropping in” or actual wave riding (it was a lot of white water), I think it was progress? A bunch of catching waves and standing up anyway. Ugh. Time. IMG_2877

But it was good and the water was so warm and I got my first sunburn of the whole trip. And at night we met up with a friend who treated us to a fancy dinner (in my books. by that i mean there was a server and real utensils) and a fun giggly night! One of Carrie’s friends from med school happened to visit the Dominican Republic while I was there studying abroad back in 2012, so I know her well too, and she’s living just outside LA. So we got to stay at her place and sleep in real beds and eat real food and shower and all of the little joys of life came together :)


Tonight we’re going to see Javier Dunn play at The Hotel Cafe- he’s a big fave of mine and that’s a little venue I’ve always wanted to see a show at. So the fact that he’s playing there on a night I’m in town is something I don’t want to miss- even if that puts some strain on things, as driving in LA tends to do.

After that we head home! Back to Berkeley :) :)

I’m super excited to get home, which I think is a sign that you live in the right place with the right people. This trip has been many shades of perfect, hot sun and blue waves, and everything I had wanted from it. And we even worked it so that we get back Friday night instead of later on.. so I’ll have a day or two to show Carrie some things and then another day to recoup.

Then back to the grindstone. But it’s not over yet! There’s still another couple days of surf and road tripping- loaded days at that!


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