Home At Last

The end of trip follow up posts are always tricky because they have to happen right after life gets crazy busy again.

Well the trip has come to a close. And it was awesome. It’s crazy how much I needed that sunshine. I feel so good for the rest of the summer now and was in such dire need of that break. Ah so perfect.

After our lovely stay in a real house, we set off for the next day. Which was a long beach run, a sunny blue surf day (that was kind of dull but whatever) and a show at The Hotel Cafe. That’s a little venue that I’ve wanted to see a show at for a long time now and I got to see one of my favorite artists! Javier Dunn, a cool dude I met back in the bay area last fall, who practically lives at Hotel Cafe so it was great to get to see him on his own turf. It was our last night and Carrie splurged for a motel in Ventura, to help shorten our drive on the way home. IMG_2953

And the way home. Well I’ll start with the simple parts. The drive was smooth and I ended on an awesome surfing day (stood up a bunch, met cool people, felt good about life). Now. Some backstory: so my car radio/cd player completely died the day before we left. Yeah I know, that’s awful. Especially for that long of a drive still ahead of us. So what were we to do? Well, somewhere just north of LA I decided it might be cool to learn the lyrics to this cool song:

(here’s a cool version of Daniel Radcliff doing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKdV5FvXLuI)

At some point C & I will have our own video, but until then…trust me- we’re TOO good at this for some surfer girls. And all of my thoughts and dreams since then have been alliterative raps…so…

Then we made it back to the bay area! And got to play with our mutual bff Octopus- and it was a short, but sweet, blasty blast. 8D7F4716486D82387653624035C36085B6C853E5733BB666DDpimgpsh_fullsize_distr

And then when we got back we got to play with all my berkeley friends! One of them had a show that night so it was great to take Carrie out- and kind of unusual to have all my favorite people in one place anyway- total win.

I was living so high.. man my excitement levels were off the charts this weekend back home. Carrie stayed another day and we had brunch, went to one of my favorite places to walk around, and then played Tarot outside the lake. A bit of sushi later and she was back on a plane to Virginia. I milked the weekend a bit more with a party in Sebastapool, but Sunday night boy did I crash. I took a long awaited nap and reveled in how magical the last two weeks were.

I even love that I took a few days off on either end of my two weeks off work to just play in Berkeley. One of my favorite places, and I do love being at home and having a few days of staycation. Aww perfection. And as soon as I woke up Monday morning it was evident how much this trip replenished me. I had a new energy, a bit of sun in my hair and a new life. I was well rested (having been asleep by 10:30/11 almost every night) and ready to wake up early and run. I have a new resolution to try and surf once a week, and maybe explore some northern spots more- cerca Marin? We’ll see. I like this retreat style solo vacation though and anticipate a repeat version soon. Hope you all are well! Thanks for following me! I hope some of this excited sunny energy rubs off through the internet :) Happy JulyIMG_2962


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