Merry Holidaze

Happy Hannukah! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (:

Yet those holidays have all passed so as you’re reading this those greetings are mearily a reminder of the vacation that came to an end this morning. Sorry ’bout that. I feel it too though, it’s the Monday Morning of all Monday mornings. Granted I’m still on vacation until Tuesday, it’s unpaid leave so we’re kind of on the same page.

What did I get up to? So many fun things. Part of why they were so fun was because I left the cold, rainy weather of the San Francisco Bay Area (i know, wtf california) for the unseasonably pleasant, 80 degree weather in Virginia Beach. The tables turned this year and it’s a lot harder to leave this climate-changed hometown of mine to go back to the bay area in an El Nino year.  Here’s how I took advantage of that.

I saw my family! I was able to spend so much more time with my family than normally. Granted I still wasn’t able to glimpse a sight of my cousins’ newborn baby, I managed to score some quality time with the faces I love most. (of course, everyone but my dad, who’s currently sailing the bahamas)IMG_3634

Including my seeeeestar spirit animal (:IMG_3627

And then my mama left to join dad in the Bahamas and Jeremy came to visit me! We did a rapid-fire road trip out to Blacksburg, up to New York, and back down through Ocean City :) IMG_0072


aaand back home to the (sunny, warm) Virginia Beach, where we caught some more family time and quite obviously, some beach time.


It was a great vacation. Full of good people, warm weather, and hot chocolate :) Ice skating and hiking, piano playing and pool swimming. Now bid me well as I head back to that cold rain and 12-hour workdays. #readyforsummer


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