Josuha Tree, Deserts P2

In an effort to get in all my bucket list items before I leave California, I’ve got a handful of long weekends in my future, with pictures and adventures to share (:IMG_0477

First stop was a four day weekend in Joshua Tree National Park. It’s a desert park a few hours east of LA, nestled right over the border of the Mojave and Colorado desert. It’s known for a distinct Yucca called the Joshua Tree (not really a tree). While it’s desert, there are mountains all around and the coolest night skies you can imagine. IMG_0529

We scored a campsite by sheer luck. Showed up on their busiest weekend of the year and drove through all the full campsites until we happened to find someone packing up and we promptly said hello and snagged his spot. Now we don’t have to camp in the empty desert space outside the park, which means legal fire pits, which means s’mores.* Yummm. (this is a far-away pic of our place)IMG_0495

Joshua Tree is also known for its climbing. It’s got piles of boulders. Really. Big. Piles. Like little mountains but instead of hiking up you climb up. And that’s one of my favorite things in the world. Sure there is more established rock climbing routes, and we did a few of those, but squirming up inside rock crevices and leveraging your whole body up onto a boulder is so much fun. And when you get to the top you’ve got an incredible view and a full body workout. Who knew.


We hiked around to an oasis right at sunset and we made pancakes on our camp stove in the morning. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees during the day and a bearable 45 at night. It was my first real desert experience and it was  a great one.IMG_0453IMG_0476

Not to say I didn’t request driving to the ocean immediately upon exiting the park. It may have added an extra 4 hours to the already 7-hour drive, but the dolphin in me needed to see water and waves asap. A sunrise scramble up some rocks and we headed out, making it to Santa Barbara by the early evening. I saw the ocean and all was right and balanced in the world again. Except for the remaining 300 miles back to the bay area. It was worth it. I’d also like to take this time to thank Sporcle. Without you, that last hour would have been near impossible. Same to you, coffee. IMG_0515

And I’m out. A Yosemite trip is on the horizon, but until then-

Thanks for all your love and support with my life happs and mishaps.


*peeps. omg peeps. if you roast a peep and smush it between two biscoff cookies you have the most delicious campfire treat. perhaps diabetes too, but it was wonderful.



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