To the Next Adventure

Hey there friends and fam. It’s been quite some time. In all honesty it was rough time, so it was hard to blog in the thick of things. However, a silver lining is finally showing itself and that kind of stuff is way easier to write about. Everyone loves when struggles turn into success and there’s hope everywhere. Thus, I have a post filled with lots of new hopeful things to share. It’s about time.IMG_1235

New Mexico. After about two months, my time here is coming to a close. And what wonderful time it has been. I came here seeking space and a break from the difficulties California was throwing at me and I certainly got just that. Funds are finally starting to run out, but I’ve got a few more weeks before my new job starts- a few more weeks of travel and adventures.IMG_1398

Right. The new job. I am officially beginning a position with the Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida as a program specialist. I’ll be helping to design and run programs for girl scouts throughout that region- in a full time position nonetheless. I’ll be relocating to Sarasota, Florida in about two weeks- just enough time to swing by home in Virginia Beach and say a quick hello before a quick goodbye.

Those are my big updates. I think I’ll keep this short and sweet and make a follow up picture post. I absolutely milked California for all it was worth before leaving- Yosemite trips, Redwood forest visits, Joshua tree a second time, and lots of quality time with my favorite folks. It certainly wasn’t easy to leave, but it was as good a decision as I felt. New Mexico time with Carrie has been a wonderful gift and desert time with mountains a surprising treat. Albuquerque itself is a quirky and cool little town and I feel really lucky to have this little window of life to experience it. I even managed to throw a NYC trip in to see both Jeremy and Waitress and it was easily one of my favorite New York trips ever. Anyway, here’s a couple pics and for more regular photo updates on my life, check out my instagram too :) online or @scfrench23 on ze app. IMG_1801IMG_1397


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