Top Ten.

Lots and lots has been in flux in over the course of the last six months, but more specifically, the last two. Here are ten of the most noteworthy, memorable, and exciting.

In no particular order…

1. Redwood Forest Trip. Humbodlt, California. Greens and trees and seas. IMG_1310


2. Exploring Tent Rocks park with Mom! She came to see us!IMG_1396

3. A long weekend trip to NYC  :)  Where my life was incredibly changed by bagelsIMG_1482

4. Jemez Hot Springs Hike IMG_1804

5. Getting to see so much Carrie. So many laughs. IMG_1394

6. My day-to-day unemployed life in Albuquerque. Really, it was magical. Filled to capacity with rock climbing, gray cat-bonding time, coloring booking, coffee shopping, and friend making. I highly recommend everybody engineer a window of life to enjoy life sans work. IMG_1638

7. I scored a few side gigs, writing articles and graphic design. That’s cool. IMG_1407

8. Oh and we got tattoos. Henna ones. And temporary ones. And real ones. IMG_1698

9. Getting to watch the Sandia mountains right outside abq turn purple every evening at sunset. IMG_1669

10. And my upcoming Colorado trip! I’ve managed to coincidentally schedule time to see six of my favorite people all of whom are ironically in the same state with me at the same time. Expect pictures of mountains, craft beers, my new camelback I’m so excited about, and good friends :)


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