i went back to california and it was as wonderful as it sounds.

Weddings! Two of them! IMG_2823

And because I had anticipated such events upon my hire, I had this vacation in the books since I moved to Florida. Having trips back “home” always ease a new transition. I did things similarly for each of my big moves. Frequent trips back to a place I love helps tremendously, and they become less needed as the new place becomes more comfortable. Until “home” has shifted and caught up with your current state of affairs. In my limited experience anyway.

It was perfect. Some friends happened to be hosting a house show/party/jam so all of my favorite creative Berkeley souls were able to play together again, for what could be one of the last times. It seems to be a new chapter for everyone, not just me. Couples are getting married and moving in together, friends are moving states, others are getting jobs, life is changing in a New Era kind of way. It’s nice to have company as I fit that bracket too- but it’s a crazy thing to observe. A second stage of adulthood post-college. New things. IMG_2908

Carrie happened to be flying out for one of the weddings as well, so we had a 48 hour stint of shenanigans and wedding festivities and that was wonderful. Jeremy and I also happened to be house sitting for friends during that time, and tacked a camping trip up to Mendocino onto the end. All varying degrees of dreamy. Puttering around on bluffs and gulping in the fresh air.FullSizeRender (3)

We also hiked a trail in the Van Damme State Park that took us to a peculiar Pygmy forest and another in Russian Gulch that lead to a beautiful waterfall. It wasn’t large, but it was enough for a frigid swim that was wonderfully energizing. And perfect. IMG_3033

Yet by the end of the trip, I was ready to come home. I didn’t expect that feeling, but I’m glad it was there. For so long I was happy to go home to California, I didn’t know if I’d be happy going home to anywhere else. I wasn’t happy to be leaving Jeremy, Berkeley, or the Redwoods, but I was eager to be back into my little life here. The one full of gymnastics, girl scouts, and my own humble abode. As comfortable and pleasant as the bay area is, it is still tainted with a crumbling housing market, which is kind of a big deal. How do you plan to live long-term in a place where you can barely make rent work and need a good scooping of luck to get a place you love living. Sarasota doesn’t seem to be kicking me out the way California felt to be doing. I do love the people, the landscape, the state itself, but for now- Sarasota is becoming home. What a weird thing to think. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have anticipated writing that phrase if you asked me a couple months ago.



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