Speech, Press, Religion

There is nothing profound in this post, just the awareness that my lack of addressing the current human rights climate on this platform I have created, with it’s small but loyal audience, does a disservice to all I believe in. img_4426

I am sitting at the crossroads of opposite emotions. And not just one; many.  Channeling the inspirational messages from the recently departed Obama Administration and the immeasurable hope that arose from my city’s Women’s March that was 10,000 strong, I am trying so, so hard to believe that love trumps hate. Yet a week later when I sit alone, watching the JFK news unravel from my couch, I feel nothing but anger and rage and complete inability to rationalize this as just a “pit stop” in our great nation’s history. For every public figure that takes a stand, there are a hundred that could- but didn’t. I am appreciating the solidarity in SNL bits while fighting nausea on my commute to work that recaps the most recent violation of the first amendment. img_2349

My twitter feed is great. I don’t follow many friends I know in person, but rather things I think are really cool that I actually want to read about. My interests span musicians, global health non-profits, to surf groups, to my family. And I am so, so proud that despite these varied subjects just about everyone is using their platform to speak to what’s right. And as much as I am trying to acknowledge that calm level-headedness is the ideal place to act from, I simultaneously boil with anger knowing there are citizens in this country that don’t agree with what’s happening but don’t want to “discuss politics.” So instead, we see Throwback Thursdays and Fail Fridays implying you’re entirely unaffected. Fuck Politics, this is the humanity. I have never before cursed on this blog, I reel it in here to stay mild-mannered and keep my reel of stories family-friendly, but right now, Fuck that. img_4383

Now is not the time for me to filter the fact that I’m furious and terrified and angry and passionate about my constitutional rights in a way I have never before experienced. I am not ranting about politics, I am speaking to what I value as human rights, equality, compassion, and acceptance for all people. Writing is my form of expression where I feel I can most accurately depict my emotions and thoughts, even more so than speech. This is a tool and talent that I have honed and I’ll be damned if I don’t use it to announce myself as a force of love and acceptance and someone ready to mobilize behind what is right.

Let Peace Prevail, but know that it needs US to do sofullsizerender-2


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