Crossin’ The Country. Round 3.

Hi guys. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been hanging onto this draft waiting to consolidate all this pics, but at this point, who cares. I’ll post now and then upload pics gradually so maybe check back in a week if you’re into cool shots. Or just check my insta (scfrench23). Also, I don’t know that I’ve filled anyone in on the basics so here we goes:

  • Got accepted into grad school at University of Washington (Communication & Leadership program)
  • Super pumped.
  • Moved to Washington.

Okay. Now that you know the catalyst, enjoy the trip! My momma came with me this time so it was a totally new version of the trip, and naturally I had less time or desire to blog along the way with such great company. Here’s a map of our trip::Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.55.26 PM

In case it’s hard to discern, here are our stops, the rational behind them, and the highlight reel.

1) Roanoke, VA. We wanted to get out of the Hampton Roads bubble asap, so our first day was just that. I started off my impressive run of Random Restaurant Stops at Waterstone Pizza in Lynchburg, Virginia and we had a delicious pizza for diner. Headed out to Momma’s first AirBNB in Roanoke, complete with cats, granola bars, a coffee maker, and two beds for the price of one!IMG_0011

2) St. Louis, MO. This drive was the longest. But we knew that going into it, so I planned an early start and many many stops. A short stop at my favorite cafe in Blacksburg and a quick visit with old friends, then we did some sprints and stretches at the rest stops, quiche in Kentucky, a hike in Indiana, and grocery store sushi for dinner in Illinois (that last part wasn’t planned, but an act of desperation when Hanger set in an hour sooner than we expected). We stopped here for a few days and stuffed in a trip to City Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the greatest zoo I have ever been to. FullSizeRender

3) McPherson, KS. Vicky! I have a friend that, by some odd decision on her works’ behalf, has her nestled in a tiny town in Kansas. But it was so fun! She is the best host (with the best host dog) and we got dinner and a few recommendations for making the next day’s drive through the state more enjoyable. And it was!IMG_0047

4) Denver, CO. Wedding time! My childhood and college friend of so many years was getting married! And the timing happened to align so perfectly with this road trip. Plus, by some odd luck and coincidence, Carrie had the weekend off and came up to meet us and accompany us. We spent a few days in an unexpectedly wonderful hotel, trying out kombucha cafes, hiking through mountains, and being as Colorado as possible.IMG_0089

5) Yellowstone! This was a highlight and a huge part of why we did this trip together. Neither of us had been, both of us were amazed. Yellowstone is so neat.IMG_0322IMG_0134

6) Seattle. We drove to Spokane for the night, but aside from stopping at a great coffee shop, we didn’t spend much time there. The next goal was Seattle, so we headed onward and made it to the city today.IMG_0390

7) Bellingham! With some great friends a few hours north, we made a short weekend trip to visit before Mom said goodbye and headed back home, leaving her only daughter 3,900 miles away.IMG_0487 (1)IMG_0435

So what did we do? We drove. We read books out loud and stopped at as many coffee shops as possible. We got hangry and we got caffeinated, multiple times in the same day. We hung out with old friends and met some new people. We went to the St. Louis Zoo and saw Ol’ Faithful and climbed the Space Needle.We visited three national parks and hiked in five different states. We had a bunch of fun and settled me into my new city. Then we went back to the normal lives and probably started counting down until the next adventure.FullSizeRender (2)


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