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What Comes After The Sunshine?


I’m Shannon. (Click those 3 lines up top if you’re looking for the actual posts).

I’m just another human hoping to find my niche in the universe. I seek adventure and I love to laugh. The hard, eye-watering, pee-your pants kind is my favorite.  Live music, bare feet, and big ideas are a few of the things I really dig. Oceans and mountains too. Recently relocated to the San Francisco bay area, I’m coaching a lot of gymnastics to pay the bills until I can formally chase my dreams. That’s okay. Having a temporary job that you love is a lot better than the alternative.  Maybe all my plans will pan out, maybe my life will 180 when I least expect.

In the meantime I’m trying to make sense of the chaos and my coping mechanisms include (debatably) excess amounts of surfing, coffee and live music.

Tell me your story.


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