Smokey Mountain Words

The drive from Chattanooga, TN to Asheville, NC has potential to be indescribably beautiful. There are a handful of nationally recognized roads that switchback through incredible views and a peace of mind. Obviously, my plan was to capitalize on that as much as possible.

But then I remembered about that one time when I forgot to check the weather back in Alabama and ended up having to leave the campground after I’d arrived because of that super scary storm and I decided maybe a forecast  would be worth my while. IMG_5165

Alrighty I guess my drive down steep, beautiful mountain ridges should probably get rerouted for survival purposes. Somehow my re-routing avoided all rain whatsoever and the drive was still wonderful. Aside from a parking ticket and gas station sink shower, things were charming. Even once the rain came. I arrived at a friend’s house just south of Asheville in the early afternoon with plenty of daylight left for a cold, rainy, perfect waterfall hike. At this point I lost all interest in taking pictures so I have nothing breath taking to show you. Imagine cloudy skies and mud puddles and great company.  The day was filled with just the right amount of hot tea, lightning storms, and acoustic music. Cheers to you Western North Carolina.FullSizeRender (20)

After a sunny hike the next day, I headed out for Raleigh. Time to see another quality human- and hopefully in time to make it to a show she discovered randomly and scooped up tickets to, sounds good to me :)


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